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Delivering a True Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Data Center Solutions

Delivering a True Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Data Center Solutions

Cyber Innovation Labs (CIL) is a premier provider of enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions and professional services. The company has pioneered the transformation of the traditional data center model, setting a new benchmark for the way major enterprises access, collaborate and manage data across their communications infrastructure.  CIL’s extremely scalable, high-efficiency data centers deliver Tier-3+ availability, with uncompromising security, reliability, control supported by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  Using the FLEXSuite solutions portfolio as an on-boarding vehicle, Cyber Innovation Labs assists clients by transforming the way IT is consumed, no matter where they are on the technology adoption/maturity curve.

FLEXCloud (Cloud-in-a-Vault)

Unique, 100% complete turnkey & Private/Single Tenant Cloud offering for delivery of mission critical applications and services


Fully demised Tier 3+ / 2N MEP infrastructure, customizable to meet the most demanding collocation requirements from SMB through Enterprise


Extensive infrastructure Design, Construction & Management solution with EMP Protection capabilities


Complete turnkey Move/Migrations, Virtualization, Swing, Hot / Recovery Site offerings from the Industry Leaders