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Senate Democrats in Pennsylvania Are Being Held Cyber-Hostage

The Pennsylvania Senate Democrats have been hit by a ransomware attack that has locked senators and employees out of their computer network since the early morning hours of Friday, state officials told NBC News. In a statement, Sen. Jay Costa, the Democratic leader, said the Democrats were working with law enforcement agencies and Microsoft to resolve the problem. He did not say what payment has been demanded to unlock the …Read More

Nearly Half Of The Top 1 Million Websites Deemed Risky

Nearly half (46%) of the Alexa top one million websites were found to be risky, putting businesses at risk as their users visits these sites. The finding is part of a new report published by Menlo Security entitled “State of the Web 2016: Quantifying Today’s Internet Risk,” where researchers examined key characteristics of the top one million websites, as ranked by Alexa, to determine sources of risk. Last year, Menlo’s …Read More

Ransomware Hackers Blackmail U.S. Police Departments

Cyber criminals who have forced U.S. hospitals, schools and cities to pay hundreds of millions in blackmail or see their computer files destroyed are now targeting the unlikeliest group of victims — local police departments. Eastern European hackers are hitting law enforcement agencies nationwide with so-called “ransomware” viruses that seize control of a computer system’s files and encrypt them. The hackers then hold the files hostage if the victims don’t …Read More

Insurance underwriter Beazley: “Ransomware attacks will be four times higher in 2016”

27 Oct inShare The Wall Street Journal is getting the message. They said : “For companies concerned about the soaring number of ransomware attacks–in which hackers take control of data or systems and demand payment to release them–the good news is such ransoms are typically small, often in the hundreds of dollars. The bad news list is longer: These attacks are growing in number and sophistication, encouraged by a high payment …Read More

Global Technology Leaders Launch Midwest EMP SIG (Special Interest Group) to Focus on Solutions to Electromagnetic Pulse Attack and Solar (Geomagnetic) Storm Threats to the National Infrastructure

Mt. Prospect, IL (October 8, 2015) – Jack Pressman, Executive Director, announced today the official launch of the Midwest Regional EMP (“Electromagnetic Pulse”) Special Interest Group (SIG). The Midwest EMP SIG will function as a regional subsection of the InfraGard National EMP SIG and will focus on developing a multi-pronged strategy to bolster national resiliency to the threats from man-made EMP attacks and naturally occurring Solar (Geomagnetic) Storms to local, …Read More

EMP GRID Services and Cyber Innovation Labs Commission and Certify EMP Facility for Fortune 500 Insurance Company

MT. PROSPECT, IL – June 26, 2014 – EMP GRID Services, LLC, a premier enterprise-class design/build/manage service provider of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Solar Flare Protected Data Centers, announces today that it has commissioned in the Northeastern United States, the first certified enterprise data center purpose built for EMP, HEMP (High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse), and IEMI (Intentional Electromagnetic Interference) protection. The customer, a global Fortune 500 insurance company, required an ultra-secure, …Read More

Cyber Innovation Labs Announces CEO, William Michael, Speaking Engagement at IMN Health IMPACT West June 2014

MT. PROSPECT, IL – June 4, 2014 -Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC (CIL), a premier enterprise-class design/build/manage service provider of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Solar Flare Protected Data Centers, announces today its participation at the  Information Management Network (IMN) HealthIMPACT West conference. The conference takes place June 25 in Santa Monica, CA at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.  It features CIL Chief Executive Officer, William Michael, as panelist on the “Healthcare Delivery Cloud …Read More

Data Center Users Group 2014 Spring Conference

Join Jack Pressman, CIL Chairman and Global Managing Director, FLEXBuild Services, as he hosts a speaking session, “The EMP & Solar Flare Resilient Facility: Need and Development” on May 13, 2014 at Data Center Users’ Group. Meet with like-minded industry professionals  and take advantage of expert learning sessions on data center ownership, management and operations strategies. Data Center Users’ Group | May 12-14, 2014 | Hilton St. Louis Airport Hotel 10330 Natural Bridge Rd. St. Louis, …Read More

Don’t Overlook Fine Print on Data Center Contracts

March 26, 2014 – Data Center Dynamics reports, “Top Ten Legal Issues In a Data Center Project”.  Authors discuss the contractual and legal ramifications behind the fine print in data center legal contracts.  They also outline key risks and measures to mitigate them. Read the full article here

Cyber Innovation Labs Announces New Leadership, CEO William J. Michael

MT. PROSPECT, IL, February 21, 2014 – Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC (CIL), a premier enterprise-class managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, announced today the appointment of William J. Michael as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Michael will assume responsibility for the overall strategy and direction of CIL. He will oversee the planning and development of strategic partnerships, sales and marketing operations, solution design and technology vision.”Michael is widely recognized as an innovative and transformational technology …Read More