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Threat Isolation Platform

Cyber Innovation Labs provides a 24/7 monitored threat isolation service that eliminates Internet web site browsing and web-based email threats. Ransomware, phishing attacks, malicious code, and threats from Java or Flash can never get inside your company firewall.

Threat Isolation Technology:

  • ƒƒEliminates the possibility of users getting infected from malicious websites
  • Requires no client software or plug-ins
  • Intercepts and executes web requests in a remote secured environment.
  • Provides a transparent user experience
  • Prevents threats from reaching corporate devices, eliminating the possibility of users getting infected
  • Provides document isolation, viewing and editing of common file types without downloading the files
  • Works with any user device, OS and browser




Ransomware Prevention

By executing user sessions away from the endpoint and delivering only safe rendering information to devices, users are protected from ransomware.

Safe Access to Uncategorized Web Sites

Architectures including a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) are often faced with a difficult decision around allowing access to new or less popular websites that have not been classified by the SWG. Isolating uncategorized web sites via the Menlo Security Platform enables users to safely access more of the web while reducing the risk of malware.

Safe Viewing of Web Documents

The MSIP can eliminate the risks from weaponized documents (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt) by isolating them in the Platform. Administrators can optionally allow users to download safe PDF versions of rendered documents (with all active content removed) and can also allow download of original documents for designated users.

Eliminate Java and Flash from Endpoints

Potentially harmful content such as Java and Flash is executed within the Platform, delivering a high-fidelity experience to the user without delivering any active content that can infect the endpoint. Administrators can remove Java and Flash on users’ browsers but still allow access to Java and Flash apps without the risk of malware.

Safe Email and Anti-Phishing

The MSIP isolates and eliminates malware from sites accessed by clicking on links in emails. Additionally, the Email Isolation Service blocks user inputs to unknown web sites and thus prevents users from revealing their personal information.